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The Draco Trilogy
by cassandra claire
30th-Aug-2008 11:02 pm - [sticky post] Community is now Friends Only
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As of today this community will be friends only.

The Complete Draco Trilogy is available in both Word and PDF format.
EXTRAS are available in Word format only.

I feel repetitive saying this but I'll repeat it again: if you want access to the fics, please join this community :)

Once you have joined, the fics can be accessed via this post.

If you wish to make a post, please follow the guidelines on the profile/user info page.

Don't know if this is affecting a lot of you, but I thought I should mention it because I have a lot of 'error' messages approving 'join' requests... if you created an LJ account just to get these fics, please make sure you verify your account, otherwise LJ won't let you use it!
26th-Jul-2009 07:55 pm(no subject)
Me and Conan
I just had to state that in rereading, I've fallen in love with Ben and Gareth and Ben/Gareth in particular all over again. Gareth especially, the smarmy ass. Lol. Their relationship just seems as real as fantasy relationships get, you know? They fight and bicker, but there's also much tenderness and love under the surface. It's really so sweet. I had a GIANT lump in my throat when I first read DV 16 because of them. :(

Does anyone feel the same way? What's your favorite characterization in the fic, OC or not? If pressed I'd personally say I'd have four: 1. Draco, 2. Gareth, 3. Rhysenn, 4. Harry and Ben (They're so much alike anyways!)

I really wish there were more fanart out there for Ben/Gareth as well as the OMG moment of Draco's at the end of DV 15. So far http://ohshush.com/fandom/dt.html has 2 of Ben and Gareth and one of DV 15's end. Very cool, but not nearly enough...hehe. *sigh* Any artists out there feeling inspired?? *looks hopeful* ;)

4th-Jul-2008 05:46 pm - Banner
Demolish The Client
Well, here's the banner I promised vella-amor-dm... I'm not sure it's very good, and if you want any changes made to it feel free to tell me and I'll see what I can do. I really feel like there should be more info on it, but oh well.

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